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Next Door Nookie – Adrian Rivers -amp; John Kale -amp; Dakota Wolfe -amp; Tyson Stone

It’s another classic story: the fellows on the neighborhood block getting the older bunch back together for a few older fashioned joy. Adrian Rivers, Jonny Kale, Dakota Wolfe, and Tyson Stone make up the ‘Next Door Nookie Shillelagh,’ and every member receives an integral role.<br/><br/>Even though they haven’t semen together for a OKAY life in a till, not one of the houseboys doesn’t suppose often of the raucous sexual adventures the foursome would gain together. It was a pleasant surprise when Tyson Stone received the call from Jonny Kale, telling him that curious Dakota Wolfe was outward, watching unoccupied. Till Jonny offered they gain ahold of Adrian Rivers to receive the Nookie Truncheon back together for the day, it became the starting of a brand fresh adventure.<br/><br/>They something met up at Jessie’s, where he and Dakota had still began kissing and rubbing each another. Tyson and Adrian joined the makeout seance directly. Quickly clothing were off and the youngsters were pleasuring the feeling of nude meat pressed together again. The glances, the fingers, and the oh-faces were familiar, but everything felt thus nicely to re-experience. As Dakota shagged his friend’s tight arse and Jonny felt his nice pal’s severe penis run in and outward of his keen arce, the four boys let their inhibitions fly remote for the afternoon. Adrian smiled and breathed depth as he slammed his systaltic boner inward Tyson. Therein takes no better sensation than knowing you and your WELL friends are treating anything together. <br/><br/> Bask!

Trey Ferris – Trent Ferris

Trent Ferris is a sexy, fun-loving cute youthful male with a delicious body and a beautiful shaft. He’s herein today to relax, revel a few music, and face-fuck the heck outward of a Fleshjack. But before Trent slides his stiff baton inside the gaud and pulls a thick broomstick inward his sweet, narrow ass, he’s telling us a bit close himself. With a magnificent smile, Trent explains how a typical day began for himself and his real-life boyfriend, Ensuing Door Immature gay, Sam Truitt. <br/><br/>Usually, Trent is the one to bonk Sam just as they wake up, but Sam of course was to baste Trent’s sweet ass sometimes. Trent too tells us his most erogenous zones and lets a petty insight inside his personality. Join him as he allows his curious juices flow in this quite lustful masturbation off episode. <br/><br/>Enjoy!

Painted and Plowed – Rookie -amp; JT Stryder

When universe renowned painter JT Stryder wants anything, he goes after it. He’s had his eye on famous actor, Recruit, for any existence. Just immediately, he’s produced up a plan that’s carried Conscript himself to JT’s garden, under the guise that he’ll be coloring the good Twinky. Albeit his work is okay known, no single has ever openly seen JT’s physiognomy. Recruit is in for a surprise!</br></br>After some being sitting still when JT paints his nude body, Dogface grows likewise sensual not to take effect. He reaches up and runs again to watch the phiz behind the easel. To his surprise, JT is as stunning and green as he is! Without hesitation, the two embrace and kiss passionately. Until long, JT is sucking Rookie’s well coles, a flash JT obtains dreamed of for a long second. Once Recruit takes a long savor of JT’s sweet, meaty pecker. JT knew that if he could one moment earn Conscript chevelure his bum, his wildest sleep would be executed. Good this is a story in which dreams BECOME come true. Join these high-profile, incredibly raunchy Twinkies in JT’s garden where they’re reaching the supreme of sexy heights. </br></br>Enjoy!

Marco Russo – Marco Russo

He’s an adventurous, eager-to-please twinky with a delicious British accent. His stunning eyes will draw you in as he describes how an ejaculate is just love that former bite of his favorite ice cream. Just thereat meeting this sensual lad, join him till he strings in a fullness of laundry, after passes the expected being by playing flog with a clear Fake asshole. But he must be careful. If he’s grasped, it could turn inside a clammy situation. He’s beginning off on the counter, jacking his tough schlong slow, after briskly, pilling living to revel the sexiest destroy from mundane, day-to-day activities. Since Marco’s laying down a renewed towel on the ground thereby he be able to fervently ejaculate himself in a glorious eruption of warm ecstasy.<br/><br/>Enjoy!

My Folks Are Outward (Part Single) – Damian Sable -amp; Tripp Townsend

Damian Black is super stoked that his parents are outward of town, even albeit they didn’t lead him with them on vacation to Hawaii. He’s extract benefit of the situation by beckoning up single of his favorite pals to party with, Tripp Townsend. He knows the two of them will definitely ‘turn up,’ as they tell, but Damien got various imagination up his sleeve also.<br/><br/>When Tripp arrives, the two boys crank up the music and let the drinks rainfall. During less funky dancing around the stranger house, either chaps finish up drawing off their wear, down to the undies. Till they sit down for a some seconds to cold outside, Derek suggests they run gracile dipping in the pool. Tripp decides it’s a well done idea and the lingerie make off. They jump into the pool and horseplay around for a when. When Derek recognizes the perfect opportunity to make a sexiest move on his lover, he seizes it, displacement in not faraway and licking Tripps shanks, eventually running up to his face hole. The guys become outward for a just as until leaving inside to a bedstead, where Damian wraps his face hole around Tripp’s stiff, pulsating tentum. Entire he desired became a thick cock to fellatio, and once he’s bobbing on his own friend’s extensive beef pole. Tripp admires boners in his fucking mouth either. He relaxes Damien down on his back and has Damian’s dick between his lips, after deep past them. The strained feeling becomes Derek crave Tripp’s asshole. They reposition and Damien slides his pulsing cock into Tripp. Tripp watches himself intermittently in the bedroom mirror as his partner flogs his sweet, close hole. Make join these chaps as they work together toward a hottest explosion. <br/><br/>Enjoy!

Beckoning Doors – Rob -amp; Ian Levine -amp; Derrick

Rob and Derrick are such sneaky boys! They’ve crept up on Ian Levine at his home, very up on a hill, in order to spy on his sexy trunk just as he’s in the nude. They catch him even as outward of the shower – LUCKIES! Since spying on his bulbous, erotic ass for a just as, they withdraw inside and get him! <br/><br/>Ian is so goggle-eyed, but too thus has becomed on. He loves the phantasy of living handled roughly and letting a penis in his mouth, till Rob the hottie licks his sweet, close rectum. Derrick slides his OK, vast pecker in and outward of Ian’s cute mouth. After they flip him more thus Rob can suckle Ian’s meat. He slurps Ian big stiffie while Derrick continues the course, dipping his meaty member between Ian’s lips. <br/><br/>Not dollop later, Derrick is pushing that rod into Ian’s bum. Ian became the caning from Derrick while having physiognomy fucked at the another stop by Rob. When Rob receives his turn-on Ian’s tender butt, it means less very severe slamming. Derrick watches and jerks his huge prick. Join these three rowdy nerds as they leave their inhibitions at the door and let passions leave angry in this impromptu sex romp. <br/><br/>Enjoy!

Work Loads: Lyle Boyce and Edwin Sykes

Work Loads: Lyle Boyce and Edwin Sykes

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RAM Episode – Rob -amp; Ian Levine

Therein he was, Ian Levine, beating again at his laptop keyboard, hoping the damned contraption cooperate in the end. But nothing takes doing the work. Ian picked up the mobile and called the IT consulting door. <br/><br/>Usually, the IT geeks that display up to fixate tech problems are highly unattractive. However, this life, a immature man by the name of Rob gets shown up to aid Ian gain back on style. Ian cannot realizing how splendid he is. With his nerdy glasses and button-up IT raiment, Rob looks scrumptious. Rob be able to tell Ian is has becomed on. He asks Ian if he’s considered doing a ‘full reboot.’ Ian knows what’s visiting following. Rob places Ian’s hand on his schlong to show him how shortly it’s already growing. Until Ian be able to even catch his breathing, Rob is sliding his very well, beefy dick in and outward of Ian’s fucking mouth. An required executive helper admire Ian should NOT be engaging in explicit sexual acts at job, primarily right in his own office! But he doesn’t obtain the will dominion to definitive. Following, Rob bends Ian above the table and fellatios his sweet ass, pleasuring ever bit of that tender bum. Just as Rob propeles his swollen schlong inward Ian, Ian perceive it pulsing. He hits Ian rock-hard for a while until Rob relaxes on his back on the desk and gives Ian insert his own compact member inside Rob. Ian let’s something inhibition fly outward his corporate consulting room window when stretching this hot, geeky ill patient. And until these two immature professionals blow their tepid, clammy loads, Ian is riding Rob’s boner, yet when wearing his tie up. Even in seconds of rich sensual lewdness, professionalism among employees is a must.<br/><br/>Enjoy!

Work Loads: Joshua Kingdom and Justin Brandon

Work Loads: J.R. Kingdom and Justin Brenn

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Three’s The Oomph – Micky Mackenzie -amp; Zak Reed -amp; Carl Walker

Micky Mackenzie and Cooper Walker have been in a committed correlation for a wee bit months just now. While Chad former commands Micky he wished to be exclusive with him, Micky takes reticent, only because both of them are holds. Now, they’ve kicks an impasse. As Calvin prepares bowls of cereal for them likewise, Micky solves to finally confront the issue.<br/><br/>When he asks Calvin if he’d be willing to easily try to face-fuck his arse, Colby does irritated and dismissive. But since Micky suggests they invite a third party into their sexual routine to look if anything be able to be done to meet them both diligently. Chad is starled and LOVES the fancy! He texts Zak Reed, a lewd youngster he met online, and Zak solves to make more. Till he arrives, the three don’t deserted anybody time receiving down to pleasure. First Micky sucks Zak’s extensive, stiff Twinky baton when Chad slurps on Micky’s thang. They fast switch thus Calvin can face-fuck Micky’s close arse. Calvin stays his course, pilling Micky’s rod depth in his throat. Just now they switch thus Christian can be penned by their further friend’s pulsatory hard-on. Find out what occures while this resisting young twosome seek facilitate from a erotic, horny alien! <br/><br/>Enjoy!

Dylan Saunders’ Pulsating Asshole Milks Shay Michaels’ Big Raw Shaft

Dylan Saunders’ Pulsing Bum Milks Shay Michaels’ Major Raw Rod

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Scratch Awakening – Thomas Ferris -amp; Sam Truitt

Troy Ferris admires sleeping in. On this Sunday morning, he awakens to realize his real-life boyfriend, Sam Truitt is already up and in the rain. Tyler is always excited to surprise Sam and join him in the shower. But as Travis penetrates the toilette, Sam is just not far to gain out. Tristan disrobes anyway and meets Sam at the rain flat. </br></br>They embrace and kiss every different heatedly. They pet and squeeze sensuous areas of every other’s bodies. This strung foreplay moves to the bed where Sam reaches a taste of Trent’s bum. After the two move from the bed to the ground where Thomas fellatios on Sam’s forceful, sadistic shaft. Trent’s face hole methodically makes Sam unbearably lewd. He tosses Trey back on the bedstead, bends him over and slides his raunchy tentum inward. After hitting Trent’s sweet hole for a till, the nerds switch so Tristan can bang Sam for a when. Sam loves obtaining penetrated merciless by his very well bf in the morning. Until it’s entire again, Sam is obtaining different switch on Trent’s arse. It’s the superior mode for this amazing couple to spunk together. Join the erotic wake-up routine! </br></br>Enjoy!

Splendid Done, Chaps – Landon Terry -amp; Nikolay B -amp; Jackson Piper -amp; Kaiden Haskins

As the guys return to the locker room thereat a hard-fought fun on the diamond, they every breathe a sigh of relief once that playoffs are again. Landon Terry, unofficial throng sirdar in the morale department, questions a verbal invitation to his three teammates, Nicholas, Jake Piper, and Kaiden Haskins. <br/><br/>They everything heartily accept the invite to Landon’s thrown for a BBQ. Who doesn’t like a nicely, old-fashioned burger thereat playing hard? Till Landon asks how his friends wish their burgers made, he be able to tell their responses offer they’re whole in the mood for wee bit have fun, erotic pull. Landon and Kaiden start making outside when Nathan and Josh job on their growing rods. That beef looks ergo good existence licked lower the tepid sun. While the burgers proceed to cook on the grill, the guys traffic to a few patio furniture where the pace picks up. Jake allows Nikolay slide his stiff schlong into his crack. Suddenly, Kaiden licks Landon’s sweet backside. John uses the opportunity further by having a nice taste of Kaiden’s heated coles. Landon moves around to earn a turn slamming Jake’s narrow asshole. Just now the chaps pair up for a when thus Nick be able to face-fuck Landon difficult and Jake can journey Kaiden. Footer off your cleats and make along. It’s summertime and these guys are hungry for your tasty fullness! <br/><br/>Enjoy!

Unclean Dancing – Thomas Mylo -amp; Marco Russo

Tony Michael intends to exam to dance. He got referred to an instructor by a well done mate. Not only does Marco Russo do with an excellent reputation, he likewise is supposedly truly raunchy.<br/><br/>Sure many, Tony sees that the latter is true upon Marco’s arrival. They receive right into the lesson after Marco explains that he won’t tolerate less than filled effort from a learner. As they work with every various, Marco got liberties that come Tony a bit sex-frenzied and bothered. He keeps coming in near and placing his arms on Tyler’s hips, displacement Tyler’s hole exactly up against Marco’s own dick. In the end, Ty realizes Marco’s schlong reaches make rock-hard. The music and the rhythm take above and Tyler comes a madman, improvised motion. He spins around, unbuttons Marco’s enclothe, and goes to his knees, sentiment Marco’s coles. Marco doesn’t completion him, ergo Tober proceeds to take out Marco’s beefy erection and suck it. Marco’s phiz displays how incredible it feels to him. He’s never had a scholar slurp his perverse tentum. Now, they motion to a bench where Marco runs back the gesture by extract Tyler’s good, broad rod inside his mouth. Marco gapes deeply inside Tyler’s gorgeous eyes while kissing him. Just thereat, Marco agrees to see if Trent will let him knock his butt. Truly, Tober accepts Marco’s systaltic fuckstick. He whips him hard as the sun shines through the glass shopwindow and doors into Tyler’s makeshift dance studio. Join them as they job up to an incredible explosion of rhythmic energy. <br/><br/>Enjoy!

Ashton Stevens and JP Dubois Gain A Tete-a-tete Stag Side

Alex Stevens and JP Dubois Have A Private Stag Party

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Massive Bad Dog Tober Reed Whacks Orlando Ink’s Arse Then A Workout

Big Bad Dog Ty Reed Hits Orlando Ink’s Rectum Now A Workout

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Missed Communication (Part Two) – Silas Gray -amp; Danny Wood

They had what they supposing would be a one-time cast…until Silas Gray was starveling for over. He takes also famished to let it right fade into a far memory. The tentum that Danny Forest anonymously jostled into his sweet asshole got too nicely. The faceless lad on the other party of that restroom stall at the gym felt like none various he’d experienced.Silas posted an ad in the Missed Relationship section of Craigslist. To his surprise that mysterious, OK hanging lad replied. He had a sensation the chemistry became either forceful for both to forget. Danny decided to rencounter Silas at Silas’s house, as Silas had explained his parents were out of town. Danny showed up commands Silas he takes the first fellow he’d ever had sexiest contact. This fact made Silas’s rod even stronger than it already had been then the experience. They wasted suffer existence before Silas ripped Danny’s garb off and started kissing and sucking his tits. Hastily thereat Silas got sucking Danny’s erect cock eagerly. Danny could scarcely imagine the strained haste of sexiest sensation. Danny after reciprocated with a ardent oral-sex. Since Danny did something he had only fantasized near. Silas Brenn over the couch and give Danny flavor his tight arce. A poor later, Danny slid his merciless schlong into Silas, sensation the incredible tightness and warmth. They shagged rock-hard. Danny followed around to the back of the couch where he stayed to slap Silas’s cute, plump ground. Come see these two, no-longer-anonymous fellows allow their hunger for scratch, unrestrained sex walk away free.<br/><br/>Enjoy!

Soccer Pals – Jessie A -amp; Calvin Reece -amp; Colby Klein

On the soccer field, they’re okay friends, doing the job together to exam passing routines and running drills in give a command to be as effective as feasible. But sometimes, off the field, Cooper Klein, Jacob, and Chad Reece goof around a group! Sometimes anything the horseplay gained these sexual soccer pals hot.Today, as they retire from the field, several playful trash talk is place around. Jacob forever receives razzed the worst, but seeks to dish it right back. This being, Cody and Colby aren’t giving him receive a word in without physical repercussion! They jump on him and start with a few tickling, but quite quickly traffic to playing with each other’s hardening schlongs. Soon Cooper is kissing Caleb’s shaft, and Jesse is sharing in the joy. After, to demonstarate at this wink are no rock-hard feelings, Chris and Carl horde up to slurp on Jacob’s extensive dong. And they’re ending even further by allowing Jesse test their fleshy dicks in his close hole. That’s just, Cooper and Carl are drawing rotates face-fucking sweet Jesse. He admires being the team ground, primarily on a group with such lustful chaps. Join the after-practice shenanigans and look this athletic, playful trio toss the playbook outward the shopwindow and have down to several truly contest!<br/><br/>Enjoy!

Summer Toss – Nikolay B -amp; Joseph Piper

Whole year, Nick gained been watching for an opportunity to hook up with his acquaintance from school, Jackson Piper. But as the ultimate bell of the year rings, sending students off for Summer vacation, Nathan fears Jesse may have slipped outside of his reach for immediately. </br></br>As they walk put together albeit, Nikolay sees a glimmer of hope. Jake explains that he’s looking for landscaping work. It occures that Nick’s parents are in need of petite bit of this very sort of help at their house! A a few days later, Jackson is doing the work in the Pipers’ backyard with a rake. Nikolay emerges from the rain and, from a show-window, sees the object of his lewdness toiling underneath the horny sun. They benefit each other’s eye and begin pushing themselves, also growing broad boners. Jackson nears and came across the housing where his is met by Nicholas, wearing only a towel. They kiss deeply. After Nikolay goes to his knees to lick Jake’s pulsating schlong. It tries nicely, exactly as he waiting. Thereat the two traffic to a couch where Jessie slobs Nick’s knob for a when. Shortly, Jackson is spreading Nick’s sweet, tender bum. It’s exactly what Nick had been choosing anything year! Since slamming Nick’s narrow ass from behind for a while, Jake has a seat on the couch ergo Nicholas can trip his harsh tentum. The stressful feelings rush over every of their bodies. Nick realizes this sensation of ecstasy is the ideal track to begin the Summer. </br></br>Enjoy!

Making the Grouping – Thomas Ferris -amp; Sam Truitt -amp; Drake Reed

They’re highly cliquey around at this instant, specially when it comes to basketball. There’s single over lookout open on the Twinky squad and Daniel Reed is determined to fill it. But horde captains, Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris aren’t acquiescing without at least a bit of jovial rebellion. <br/><br/>Sam and Trent find Drake on the suffer court, behind the coach’s housing, practicing his jump shot. His ball handling form isn’t the superlative, but his torco looks to have breathtaking figure! Thereat few joy razzing that understands a garden firehose, they force Drake inside the home to see if his growls handling skills improve while therein are two schlongs to take solicitude of as okay! Drake can’t believe he’s having to lick both mob captains’ shafts before the season’s even begins. Sam moves around back to gain a savor of Drake’s schlong when Travis runs on to relish Drake’s tepid mouth. It’s not long until Sam slides his severe, raw coles into Drake’s close ass. Look Dominic earn pounded when slurping profound on Trent. Since the chaps switch up the formation thus Thomas be able to bang the renewed houseboy. In throng sports, it entire does down to a ask of who’s willing to have fun at the drop of a hat. Daniel isn’t scared to display he’s ready to be the team cum pail somebody dad existence! Place him in, coach, he’s get up to play!<br/><br/><br/> Relish!